SStrategic projects and tax audits typically come on top of your day-to-day tax management and require strong project management skills that you might not have at your disposal at the required moment. Outsourcing to an experienced tax professional aware of inhouse operational challenges might be an effective solution to meet tight deadlines.

Whether it concerns:
  • a spin-off of a branch of activity to enter into a joint venture,
  • a liquidation or an exit of a business, or
  • a challenge of distributable reserves at the level of the holding company,
  • the search for a business project qualifying as ‘research or development’, or
  • an extensive tax audit that requires coordination with your local and/or regional tax centre,
  • the coordination of a tax ruling request, or
  • any other group project with a material tax focus,
As an experienced project leader with tax strategic insight, I will ensure that:
  • The scope is clearly defined and buy-in obtained from the sponsors with a specific focus on the integration of the business elements;
  • Resources are allocated and a steerco is established where needed;
  • The project planning is elaborated on for all workstreams;
  • Project team meetings are regularly held following up on the progress of deliverables, timing and budget;
  • The technical and risk analyses are performed and escalated where and if required;
  • Outside counsels are briefed and managed to maximise impact and efficiency;
  • Regularly reporting is ensured;
  • The project is delivered on time and within budget.
I build on relevant experience as follows:
  • The spin off of assets, activities and personnel into a separate legal entity from concept to board approval and effective implementation;
  • IPO related tax matters;
  • Multijurisdictional M&A;
  • The tax efficient exit of various activities through asset deals;
  • The business strategy implementation merging operational activities while safeguarding tax assets;
  • Successful closing of deals with authorities to end tax litigations leading to positive P&L impact and cash refunds;
  • R&D tax rulings;
  • VAT projects.



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