AAs an experienced inhouse tax leader with insights into relevant processes and data, I can easily build a bridge between your tax department and the Process Engineers and Data Analysts to ensure that your tax department reaps the benefits from your company’s Finance Transformation and can work more effectively to cope with current and future reporting obligations.

Tax regulations impose an ever growing number of mandatory reporting obligations to increase transparency and promote international cooperation between tax administrations.

The ongoing OECD discussions that might potentially lead to a redistribution of taxes due between the home State and the market jurisdictions and/or to a global minimum tax regulation, will further increase the complexity of tax calculations and reporting.

To guarantee continued compliance and moreover anticipate these increasing reports, it is necessary that the tax department is involved from the start in your group's Finance Transformation Project.

Continued tax strategic and analyst guidance needs to be foreseen to map existing tax processes and identify relevant data requirements to ensure a wholistic and successful finance transformation and avoid costly post factum fixes.

I build on relevant experience as follows:

  1. Determining the Basic Operating Model for the Tax Function in the Finance Transformation: Who Does What?
  2. Determining the (system) capabilities associated with the Basic Operating Model;
  3. Reverse engineering of the relevant tax returns to the data requirements for the Finance Data Hub.


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