Strategic projects and tax audits typically come on top of your day-to-day tax management and require strong project management skills that you might not have at your disposal at the required moment. Outsourcing to an experienced tax professional aware of inhouse operational challenges might be an effective solution to meet tight deadlines.
From the definition of the Tax Strategy to the design and implementation of the Tax Risk Governance Framework enabling the communication and reporting to internal and external stakeholders.
As an experienced inhouse tax leader with insights into relevant processes and data, I can easily build a bridge between your tax department and the Process Engineers and Data Analysts to ensure that your tax department reaps the benefits from your company’s Finance Transformation and can work more effectively to cope with current and future reporting obligations.
Team Coaching
As an external facilitator with 18y experience as a tax team leader, I can support your tax team, in an unbiased setting, in defining their development track from experts to business partners.

WWhether you are in the process of setting up the tax function for your organisation or considering strengthening your existing tax function, you might want to engage temporary support to compensate for the lack of time or the missing of the right expertise.

Where you will likely be supported by outside tax counsels for expert advice, there often remains a gap between the outside expert and your organisation to 'Get Tax Done’. supports your organisation with Tax Management Consulting services to increase the effectiveness of your tax function.


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About provides Tax Management Consulting services to ‘Get Tax Done’ in your organisation.